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Renna Mobile wins International Award as “Most Successful MVNO” at The MVNO World Congress in France

MUSCAT: Renna Mobile has been recognised globally and Highly Commended as the Most Successful MVNO at the 16th Annual MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) World Congress held at Nice, France. MVNO World Congress is the Principal body which tracks all Virtual Mobile Operations in the World. In this year’s annual conference World MVNO Congress acknowledged the achievements of MVNOs around the world and highly commended Renna Mobile as the Most Successful MVNO in the world.

Expressing delight over receiving the award, Raed Haddadin, CEO, Renna Mobile said, “Winning this international recognition means a lot to us as the award commends MVNOs that are making a noteworthy impact in the industry. All international players from around the world participate and compete for this award and it is a matter of pride for us to bring this highly prestigious award to Oman. The awards are intended to celebrate excellence in the MVNO industry. Renna Mobile is Oman’s number one MVNO and we have reached this position as a direct result of our relentless focus on high standard service, products and benefits. We have been carrying our sustained efforts to enhance customer service, drive value and growth.”

“We would like to thank the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Oman and our host operator Omantel for their continuous support and the entire team at Renna Mobile for their contribution and hard work which has enabled us to get this international recognition” the CEO added.

The MVNOs World Congress is the only established forum in the world that is entirely dedicated to MVNOs with over 800 participants and 125 speakers from 60 countries participating in the conference. The “Best MVNO” award aims to recognise the MVNOs that are making an outstanding impact in the industry and will provide best practice for existing and future MVNOs. Among many criteria, the awards recognises operational excellence, unique approach to customer acquisition or retention and unique business model.

Mr. Khalid Zaman, Board Director, expressed his happiness by adding, “We are very excited with this achievement. Getting recognized in a world-wide forum means a lot to us and the team. This will definitely boost our energy further and we shall remain committed to serve the People of the Sultanate even more. We are proud to bring such recognition to the Sultanate. Together we look forward to creating more employment opportunities for Omanis and continue contributing to the Nation’s growth”.

Renna has been continuing its growth march reaching over 600,000 customers across Oman and becoming the No. 1 mobile reseller in Oman. Renna Mobile has been offering its customers 4G facility allowing them to enjoy a technology that handles mobile internet and data more capably, allowing faster and more consistent mobile connectivity.

On this joyful occasion, Renna Mobile announced a very happy scheme for its subscribers. The company announced that calls to Renna Mobile Call Centre Number 1240 will be made free for all customers henceforth. Renna Mobile customers will be able to call 1240 at no charges to speak to the highly committed Renna Mobile Customer Care Agents.

Renna Mobile, which kicked off operations in 2009, is now a part of Integrated Telecommunications Oman (TeO).

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