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TeO acquires 100% share of Renna Mobile (Majan Telecommunications)

Integrated Telecommunications Oman SAOC (TeO) has acquired Renna Mobile, the country’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), in a move that will spectacularly transform the telecom scenario in the Sultanate.

TeO is Oman’s first private Class 1 international gateway operator and offers mobile and fixed services under the operating brand Telecom Oman (TeO). It now broadens its base with Renna’s data and voice services thus lifting its brand to a new high.

Mr Khalid Zaman, Board Director, Integrated Telecommunications Oman SAOC, elaborates: “We are really excited about acquiring Renna Mobile, the fastest growing telecom player in the country. While we have a strong international wholesale customer base, this big step opens up the opportunity to serve more than 400,000 active Renna subscribers in the Sultanate. We look forward to opening up employment opportunities for Omanis and contributing to national growth. Renna Mobile has been a credible company with a strong brand image and healthy customer base and by acquiring them, we are in a better position to fulfil our goal to provide affordable, high-quality and integrated telecommunications services. TeO intends to capitalise on Renna’s strengths and aspires to bid for the 3rd MNO spectrum license and become a full service telecommunication service provider in the Sultanate, before the end of the year”.

TeO currently operates with its consumer product brand "Allo" and its endorsed brands "TeOGlobe" and "TeO Business".

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