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TeO offers innovative and effective communication technologies

Integrated Telecom­munications Oman (TeO) has been formed under operating li­cense from Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

TeO already has a dynamic, multi-cultural management team in place, with a vision to bring in­novative telecommunications and technology solutions for both the corporate and consumer sectors in Oman.

TeO is a hundred percent Omani company and the first OTT tel­ecom service provider in Oman.

Darren Tong, Acting CEO, Tel­ecom Oman, said: “We believe Oman is one of the most exciting markets in the region today cater­ing to a young, tech-savvy popula­tion who seek smarter and more effective ways to stay in touch with the world. Our challenge will be to constantly innovate and add value to their telecommunica­tions experience.”

Tong continued saying: “We live in a rapidly changing world. What is a new and exciting one day is overtaken by something better, faster and smarter the very next. Telecommunications and Internet technologies have truly transformed the world into one large global community, socially connected with each other sharing their opinions, likes, desires, new ideas, and cultures, enriching daily lives in myriad ways. And it keeps getting better. Imagination is the first step to innovation and holds the key to unlocking the future. This is what inspires us at TeO.”

Explaining TeO’s role in the mar­ket, Tong said: “At TeO we are an energetic and enthusiastic team who challenge and inspire each other to think differently, working together to find smarter ways to connect people and employ the only resource that counts - Imagination.”

At this year’s Comex, TeO hopes to share their expertise on the telecommunication industry and pave the way for career op­portunities in future.

“At the three-day event, we hope to welcome a large number of stu­dents and young job-seekers. The young Omani students are very crucial to us as we are committed to encourage these talented young­sters and guide them to choose suitable career paths,” Tong added.

Going by their ongoing adver­tising campaign ‘In relationship with the world’, it showcases TeO’s extraordinary suite of communi­cation services, ranging from in­ternational voice calling Apps, in­ternational carrier voice solutions and value add services towards true digital experience.

Integrated Telecommunica­tions Oman is Oman’s first private CLASS I licensee international gateway operator, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and the first- of-its-kind over-the-top telecom service provider in the Sul­tanate of Oman. TeO currently op­erates with its consumer product brand ‘Allo’ and its endorsed brands ‘Teo Global’ and ‘TeO Business’.

"Teo Global"

The first TeO international brand, TeO Global was built to unify a whole range of wholesale services and solutions for communication service providers. Using the latest next generation network technology delivering re­liable, high quality international telecommunication services.

"TeO Business"

TeO Business Voice is a special­ised suite of products designed for the corporate sector and SMEs to address their need for cost effi­cient, high quality services.


Allo caters to the consumer market need for convenient, cost-effective and high quality international long distance calling services. Allo deliv­ers a range of products from smart­phone APPs to specialised devices for home use. The Allo portfolio is all set to expand further.

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